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Military Talent

The known value of hiring military veterans into the professional world is unquestioned and unmatched. 

The business case for hiring qualified veterans is not the challenge.  Positioning your company as a military friendly employer while standing up a military hiring program can be a difficult undertaking.  


The State of Military Transition

The U.S. Military is a great training institution.

The U.S. Military prepares service members for private sector careers. 

Employers lack knowledge of the skills and experience military professionals bring to the private sector. 

Our Military Advisory Team leverages our proprietary Military-Ready Capability Model to assess where an organization currently is across three dimensions and seventeen critical capabilities.


The Military Advisory Team then outlines a roadmap that is aligns with organizational goals to produce desired outcomes

Practice Leadership


Evan Guzman


New York, NY

Evan Guzman is the National Head of Military Programs and Chief Veteran Advocate. 


Evan is the former Global Head of Military Programs at Verizon Wireless. 

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