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Second Chance Friendly Employer Solutions

The 2nd Chance (or Fair Chance) Hiring is starting to have its moment in the sun. While the data has told the story about the benefits of 2nd Chance hiring for many years, more and more employers are just now beginning to reap the benefits.


With many industries facing massive talent shortages, Executive Leaders and HR Professionals understand that for their corporation to continue to grow they must invest in expanding existing talent pools. Thankfully for these forward thinking leaders, the largest and untapped talent pool is ready and able to solve their talent shortage crisis.


Over 600,000 men and women are released from prison each year, and there are 4.4 million on parole or probation. The answer to solving the talent shortage is simple. Instead of warehousing and disenfranchising millions of Americans, let’s provide opportunity. Not only will we solve our massive human capital obstacles, we’ll be creating pathways to living wage careers and strengthening our underserved communities.

How We Can Help


ESR Partners works with our clients to develop industry specific pipelines of trained talent that fit companies present and future needs.

Sector strategies are local and regional, industry-focused methods for building skilled personnel. This is one of the most effective ways to align both public and private resources to address the needs of employers and create opportunities for underserved talent.


We design a clear strategy of how entry-level talent will be grown within our clients organizations. This is a human resource based approach and centered around continued staff development.


This is one of the most effective ways to align both public and private resources to address the needs of employers and create opportunities for underserved talent.


2nd Chance Hiring Training

  • Specified presentations, and lectures for senior management, HR professionals, and hiring managers  

  • 2nd Chance Hiring Program Development

  • Specialized recruitment and operations training on best hiring processes and practices

  • Introduction to 2nd Chance Staffing specialists


Event Planning and Facilitation

  • Facilitation of conventions to gather local and regional stakeholders to increase collaboration

  • Purpose is to assist with getting the right partners to the table

  • Increases company visibility


Tax Incentives, and Protections

  • Specialized training around tax regulations and maximizing incentives

  • Federal Bonding Programs

  • Tax credits and opportunity hubs


Legislative/Employment Law Updates

  • Continued briefings centered around changes in employment laws and regulations

  • Lobbying and Advocacy resources


Brand Management and Messaging

  • Developing company-wide messaging to garner company-wide buy in for 2nd Chance programs

  • Marketing and PR strategies connected to Corporate Social Responsibility initIatives

Marketing and Social Media Strategies  

  • Assistance with social media campaigns


Success Stories Presentations: Creative and innovative way to highlight business success

  • Assistance creating visuals that best display or highlight company’s success

  • Video productions that can be used for internal and external customers

How can we help



600,000 people released from Prison every year, 4.9 Million under some form of supervision


Employees with criminal backgrounds have 10% longer tenures than those without a criminal background


Employees with a criminal record are less likely than those without a record to leave their job involuntarily or for reasons of misconduct


$2500 Tax Credits are available to employers for each former felon they hire


Practice Leadership


Daniel Stinson

Partner, Atlanta, GA

Daniel is a partner and the head of our Atlanta office, which focuses on workforce solutions dedicated to supporting companies who want to expand or become 2nd Chance friendly employers.


Daniel has spent his entire career dedicated to building and supporting Talent Development initiatives. 


Mr. Stinson is a recognized leader in the field of rebuilding the lives of those affected by incarceration.  In 2014, after stumbling upon the 2nd Chance talent pool, he was motivated to help those attempting to re-enter workforce.  Daniel quickly realized that he was consistently connecting with high quality candidates.


The systemic barriers preventing individuals with a prior record from succeeding are so great, Daniel has committed his life to creating economic opportunities for our returning citizens who have earned a second chance.


Daniel has founded and lead multiple talent acquisition organizations focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion with a specific focus on career development programs for women and men with criminal backgrounds.


His work includes engagements with National Brands, NGOs, and State and Federal Government Agencies to address talent pipeline shortages by developing holistic hiring programs designed to discover and match previously untapped and non-traditional candidates into career pathways with partner companies. 


Under Daniel’s leadership, the practice focuses on providing turnkey consulting solutions for employers who desire to become 2nd chance friendly.




We are a passionate group committed to making a real impact for individuals, companies and our communities.  Contact us today for a 60-Minute Complimentary Consultation.   

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