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By leveraging our data driven technology platform with insights developed over many years, our diverse recruiting process outsourcing - DRPO model allows our clients to consistently meet their diverse hiring goals, while reducing overall recruitment costs.

Never compromise on the quality of your candidates and allow your internal resources to focus on business functions as you take advantage of a flexible and scalable DRPO.


Providing On-Demand-Recruiting Solutions for Companies Desiring to Attract & Recruit Top Diverse Talent

Hassle-Free Outsourced Recruiting Solution

Our on-demand recruiting service provides a flexible and scalable solution - whether you require one contract recruiter or need an entire managed team. 
There are NO long term contracts as we understand that you need a flexible solution that can easily change with hiring demands.
Where are you today?

Recruiting for top talent is not easy.  Our entire team of recruiters have been recruiting for top diverse talent spanning several occupations and have developed a community of like minded individuals who assist in identifying qualified talent.

Flexible Sourcing & Flexible Pricing... Results Driven

There are no placement fees and you only pay for what you need!

The engagement includes the recruiter(s) and a delivery manager, all billed based on a fixed hourly rate.  

Fixed Hourly Rate
Fixed hourly rate for recruiters and delivery manager 
No Long Term Contract
Get the services you need for only the time you need them
Flexible & Scalable
Add or remove capacity as your hiring demands change

Are you ready to institute real lasting change in your organization?

It's time to start the dialog and we're here to help! 

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Can you improve your company's workplace diversity?


We are a passionate group committed to making a real impact for individuals, companies and our communities.  Contact us today for a 60-Minute Complimentary Consultation.   

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