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Corporate Culture

Our goal is to prepare businesses so that they are ready to engage with the extraordinary talent in the military community and citizens who are preparing or who have recently returned from incarceration.  

Building Better Outcomes

Military personnel and citizens with criminal records face significant challenges while returning to civilian life.  Talented and eager to work, this untapped pool of workers face many barriers to employment.  

ESR Partners has assembled a network of subject matter experts who work with leading organizations who are ready to change to their cultures to become Transition Support Ready.  

A quarter of a million veterans transition out of the military each year. They head to universities, trade schools, private companies, the government sector and non-profits, and they start their own businesses.


How do we educate and empower employers to take advantage of opportunities and create hiring programs that are good business for everyone?

Attract | Support | Engage | Retain

Military Talent


The known value of hiring military veterans into the professional world is unquestioned and unmatched.

The business case for hiring qualified veterans is not the challenge.  Positioning your company as a military friendly employer while standing up a military hiring program can be a difficult undertaking.  


The State of Military Transition

The U.S. Military is a great training institution.

The U.S. Military prepares service members for private sector careers. 

Employers lack knowledge of the skills and experience military professionals bring to the private sector. 

What does it mean to be a veteran-ready organization? 

Being a veteran-ready organization requires that employers consider how best to recruit, onboard, and integrate veterans in their workplace. This goes beyond simply hiring veterans out of a sense of patriotism and civic duty and requires asking critical questions about the policies and programs that help create an organizational culture that supports veterans' needs.

Contact us now to learn how to go from a veteran-friendly to a veteran-ready organization. 

82% of managers and 67% of HR professionals think that the value new employees with criminal records bring to the organization is as high as or higher than that of workers without records.

Creating Opportunities

For People with Criminal Records


85% of HR and 81% of Business Leaders report that individuals with criminal records perform the same as or better than employees without criminal records.

The research is clear: Most employers say workers with criminal records perform just as well as or better than other employees. Addressing stigmas can lead to more understanding and inclusive workplaces.

To become Second Chance Ready - businesses must first learn about hiring talented job seekers with criminal records.  At the conclusion of the training, employers will be able to:

  1. Communicate the business case for Fair Chance hiring

  2. Understand the legal protections and minimal risk of Fair Chance hiring

  3. Create clear messaging, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding plan

  4. Infuse Fair Chance ethos into company culture

An estimated 70 million people in the United States - nearly one in three adults - have a prior arrest or conviction record. A racially biased criminal justice system and mass incarceration have severely impacted communities of color.

A conviction in one’s past shouldn’t be a life sentence to joblessness.

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